• Hot sand or just THE SAND!
  • Spiky Shells
  • Sharp Stones
  • Slippery floor
  • Unexpected rocks
  • Sunburn

And the absolute worst of the worst…the dreaded JELLYFISH!!!

Then may I introduce you to the absolutely life changing Duukies Beachsocks. They offer perfect protection against hot sand, sun burning, sharp shells and stones and are slip resistant. Like swim wear they dry fast and can be used for swimming! And they are not only the answer to all your beach-based nightmares but tick the box for your children as well! The eye catching, fun designs will appeal to your little ones (unicorn socks? Yes please!) but we also have some plainer styles to suit your older children as no matter how old they are, all the above issues remain!

Duukies Beachsocks were the genius idea of Carlien van Hemert, a mother of four who is more than familiar with the problems that occur when children mix with a beach!

“As a mother of small children, we faced this problem many times: hot sand and sharp shells and stones on the beach can be an annoying element on what should be a nice and relaxing day at the beach. After a long search, we still didn’t find water shoes that are flexible, soft and easy to swim with.

Having nothing better to do with four little kids on our hands, we decided to solve this problem ourselves : ) Named after our oldest son Duuk, we started Duukies Beachsocks and right from the beginning it was a big hit: the first trendy, easy to slip on and UV50 protective beachsocks for kids. Just fun in the sun and no more worries about irritating straps, dirt, sharp shells, stones and slippery floors.

Duukies Beachsocks are now available around the world and our son is really proud to see his name in so many countries.”