How to choose the correct size bodyboard… ">
How to choose the correct size bodyboard…
11 Jul 2018
Our selection of bodyboards are designed for beginners and children to have fun in the sea and get started bodyboarding. ...
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Top 5 Travel Toys ">
Top 5 Travel Toys
25 Jun 2018
Summer is the time for long journeys be it by car, plane or train. Away from home for a couple of weeks it’s also worth while packing a few craft activities and smaller toys to keep children entertained in restaurants so you can relax and enjoy your holiday too....
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UK Family Festivals 2018 ">
UK Family Festivals 2018
24 May 2018
Looking for a fun filled family adventure this summer? Considered a festival but not sure? I've researched the top 5 family friendly music festivals that will get you out and about and having fun as a family....
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Top Summer Family Activities in the French Alps ">
Top Summer Family Activities in the French Alps
24 May 2018
When you think of the French Alps, most people picture skiing or snowboarding. It’s easy to see why, as France is home to some of the best slopes in the world. But, this isn’t all that’s on offer in the Alps! ...
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Surfers Against Sewage ">
Surfers Against Sewage
15 May 2018
A community dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife...
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Back Garden Fun - Five Easy Activities ">
Back Garden Fun - Five Easy Activities
3 May 2018
Now the weather has finally turned pleasant and we actually are hopeful for a warm bank holiday, my thoughts have turned to getting the back-garden tidy. Which reminded me of some simple but fun things I used to do when my children were toddlers. ...
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Wetsuit Buying Guide ">
Wetsuit Buying Guide
25 Apr 2017
Wetsuits work by catching a thin layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. Your body heats up this water and keeps you warm so it’s imperative that the wetsuit fits properly or cold water will flush the warm water out. Neoprene acts as insulation against the colder water so the thicker the neoprene the better the warmer the wetsuit....
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RNLI Life Guarded  Beaches ">
RNLI Life Guarded Beaches
25 Apr 2017
There are so many beautiful beaches around our coastline but it is difficult to assess the dangers at new beaches. ...
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Autumn Wetsuit Guide ">
Autumn Wetsuit Guide
25 Apr 2017
Many surfers wear autumn wetsuits through to early summer as the sea temperature in Autumn is not dis-similar to June and July. So if you are lucky enough to be planning a weekend or half-term trip to the sea then buying your child a wetsuit will last them through to Summer....
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Visiting Cornwall in September? ">
Visiting Cornwall in September?
25 Apr 2017
September - Sun, Surf, Spa and Salty delights – Enjoy the best month on the coast, with these five activities! ...
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