We have been on many holidays as a family from the Norfolk coast to the Caribbean and since the children got beyond toddler age, I left the UV wear to one side as I thought they could handle the sun cream application without too much moaning (hmmm!) and I could keep them in the shade during super scorchio periods. However, this year the sun was so high in the sky and over 30 degrees in temperature I quickly gave in to the UV tops and so did the children.

My daughter was initially unhappy about not being able to wear the vast swimwear collection that she had packed but as soon as she realised that it meant less sun cream application and more play time then she was fully on board. My son however was totally compliant from the word go as he loved the funky design and he was able to keep it on for lunch due to its quick drying nature (having to get changed would have been way too strenuous!).

So here are my top tips for getting your children into UV wear:

  • If you have a Little Surfer that loves to choose her outfits, stock up on a few pairs of bikini bottoms that they can mix and match with the UV top to give them the feeling that they are choosing their outfit each day!
  • For fair skinned children, go for a long-sleeved top to keep the sun exposure to a minimum
  • If you have a baby or toddler, the sun suits are the best option. Easy to zip them in and out of and think about getting two so that they can still play in comfort whilst the other dries
  • Choose a quality brand. Having a UV top or suit that dries quickly and doesn’t go out of shape or baggy makes life so much easier – children forget they have got it on as the fit is snug and they don’t feel wet and soggy for too long!
  • Ensure the UV top has an official UPF 50+ rating – you may find a cheap version in a shop by the beach but it may not do the job properly.
  • Go for a top that has a high neck so it protects the most sensitive parts susceptible to sunburn

Our UV range is huge at Little Surfers, we cater for all ages in varying styles to suit all tastes. As parents we need to keep our little ones protected from the harmful rays and this is an easy box to tick if you have the right gear!

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