Kids wetsuits are no longer only found in surf shops and niche online stores, they can now even be seen in supermarkets but are they something that you should be buying alongside your baked beans or is it worth investing in a really good kids wetsuit? Well, we certainly think investing in a high-quality kids wetsuit is essential for a happy holiday and this is why…

Warm kids = happy kids

We’ve waited a long time for our holidays this year so are expectations are high for what our UK staycation will bring – on my checklist is sunshine, seaside and the make-or-break factor…happy kids! And the best kids’ wetsuits on the market will ensure smiles all round providing not only warmth but also excellent UV protection if you are lucky enough to be caught in a UK heatwave!

The safety benefits of choosing the right kids wetsuit

The best kids wetsuits on the market will give you peace of mind on the beach ensuring your children are protected from harmful UV rays, abrasion from fast currents and contact with bodyboards and lets not forgot the dreaded jellyfish! When wearing a good quality wetsuit your child will be completely protected allowing them to enjoy their water for longer.

A high-quality kids wetsuit will keep your children warmer for longer

The UK waters can be pretty chilly at the best of times and often the cheaper wetsuits offer very little in the way of warmth. Children really dislike being cold, and it will limit their enjoyment on the beach if they are shivering after a quick dip in the sea. The best kids wetsuits will keep them warm for hours and keep holiday moans to a minimum!

Comfort is key!

Often cheap and low-quality kids wetsuits are uncomfortable and may have seams which stick up and irritate children which is a big no no in our book! It is also important that the neoprene is good quality and feels soft against the skin – wearing a wetsuit can feel a bit alien at first for children but a soft, pliable comfy suit will make this transition a lot easier and ensure that they don’t want to take it off in a hurry.

Little Surfers top 5 best kids wetsuits for 2021

So based on all of the above, here are our best kids wetsuits for the 2021 staycation season…


O'Neil Kids Wetsuits

O’Neil Range

O'Neill's reactor range of wetsuits are a top selling core range for all ages. The Reactor Series utilises O'Neill's exclusive FluidFlex™ in the shoulder and sleeves with fully adjustable super seal neck. The wetsuits are hard wearing and utilise technologies from their more expensive ranges.

O'Neill Reactor Spring Girls Wetsuit 2mm, Berry/Light Aqua/Graphite

Soft and flexible, this shortie wetsuit is ideal for younger girls aged from 1 year through to 6 years.

O'Neill Youth Reactor 2mm Shortie Wetsuit - Black/Slate

The O'Neill shortie 2mm reactor spring wetsuit suitable for UK summer waters and warmer resorts, from 5 years





Quicksilver & Roxy Kids Wetsuits


Quiksilver/Roxy Prologue Range

This is an entry level suit perfect for beginners, summer holiday makers or the occasional surfer. The suit is constructed with a combination of Freemax neoprene and Hyperstretch 3.0, to keep little surfers warm where required. The seams are created using a Flatlock stitch that will let a minimal amount of water into the suit to minimise overheating. Getting into the suit is simple through the back-zip entry and a watertight seal in the neck.

Quiksilver 2/2 Prologue Boys Shortie Wetsuit, Jet Black / Nite Blue

The Quiksilver short sleeved shortie 2mm Prologue boy’s wetsuit is suitable for UK summer waters and warmer resorts for 5 - 16 years.

Roxy 3/2 Prologue Girls Full Wetsuit - Black

The Roxy full back zip 3/2mm Prologue girls’ wetsuit is suitable for UK summer waters and warmer resorts for 5 - 16 years.



Billabong Kids WetsuitsBillabong Boys Intruder 2/2mm Shoertie BZ Wetsuit

Billabong's Intruder Backzip Springsuit Flatlock is made of 2mm neoprene with mesh in the front and back, a backzip and a flatlock construction. Constructed with eco-friendly solvent-free glue, the aqua-based lamination ensures no more harmful solvent chemicals in your neoprene wetsuit. The Billabong shortie 2mm spring wetsuit is suitable for UK summer waters and warmer resorts, from 8 years.






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