For beginners a bodyboard with an EPS core is sufficient and is the most common feature on entry level or beginner bodyboards. This stiff but lightweight foam provides the ideal platform for diving onto broken waves and riding them to the beach. It offers enough buoyancy is a reasonably flexible board – enough for children and beginners. If you and your family are intending to just ride the white water straight towards the beach from waist depth of water, on your stomach then this type of bodyboard is fine.

 TWF Bodyboards

A stiffer board is for the more experienced - they work better in bigger waves and tend be harder to control in choppy conditions so really you want your child to have a board they can control in waves, so it needs some flex.

Equally size really isn’t too important at this level, generally the tip should reach around your belly button but an extra inch or so longer really won’t matter and may give you a bit more flotation.  Longer is better as a bodyboard that is too short will not provide enough flotation.  Our most popular sizes for children are 33” and 37” bodyboards for tall teenagers and adults use 42” bodyboards and bigger.

With bodyboard sizing coming from measuring the board diagonally from corner to corner, you need to measure your child from floor to belly button using this as a guideline:


 Bodyboard Size

 Centreline Length






Our range of straight tail bodyboards are perfect for beginners but if your child is older or has bodyboarded before perhaps try one with a crescent tail design.  These are ideal for holding the wave well and are good user-friendly boards.  The shape allows you to position your body so that your hips are on the back of the board, perfect for catching and staying on the wave!

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